About our company

After working for several years as an assistant roofer and garnering extensive experience founder, Mike Kashani, established Alborz Roofing Inc in 2012. Through dedication and outstanding commitment to our clients, we have experienced tremendous growth in a relatively short span of time.

Today, Alborz Roofing Inc is a full service roofing company providing both individual homeowners and commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area with comprehensive and cost-effective roofing, decking, and cladding solutions.


Our Three Pillars

At Alborz, we pride ourselves on three pillars:

Outstanding Workmanship

Outstanding workmanship and high-quality installations.

A Personable Approach

A personable approach to client relations ensuring you receive the attentive service of a small business with the professionalism of a corporation.

Successful Project Delivery

Executing each step in a timely fashion from start to finish.

Get the full experience

We always aim to exceed expectations by providing our clients with highly customized and hassle-free solutions that truly stand the test of time.


From re-roofing to aluminium cladding, we provide an extensive range of services for your home or commercial building while offering a rich customer service experience along the way.

Fully Insured

Our liability and WSIB coverage protect you from all claims so you always have peace of mind.

Fully Certified

We hold numerous certifications including the WHMIS and Fall Protection certificates.


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